Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

We determine the quality management system and quality objectives, based on the total quality philosophy, in accordance with customer requirements, including the requirements of the standards, and constantly improve them by identifying areas open to development with rational, fast and practical solutions.

We are building up high quality and measurable processes.

• We continuously improve the efficiency of production and product quality with sustainable and innovative methods that respect resources while analyzing and developing processes in order to achieve all the goals set.

• We manage error rates and all cost elements that do not create value by adopting the quality principle approach at the source in a way to prevent waste.

• We establish high-quality and measurable processes in order to ensure the continuous development and improvement of product safety and quality culture by assessing the risks concerning product safety in all processes starting with material supply.

• We increase the quality awareness of all our employees, and we provide them with environments that respect ethical rules where they can develop and express themselves as innovative participating and sharing individuals. 

• We comply with the environmental-oriented standards and global developments and adopt approaches that respect natural resources, are sustainable and have environmental protection awareness. We strive to prevent waste in all our processes.

• We continuously improve our energy performance and energy management system and increase our employees' energy awareness and our corporate energy efficiency.