We've Brought Our Polipa 3D Studio to You!

We've Brought Our Polipa 3D Studio to You!

We've Brought Our Polipa 3D Studio to You!

We've Brought Our Polipa 3D Studio to You!

As Polipa, we have launched our magnificent 3D Studio on our website to provide our customers with a unique experience. You can dress our products digitally, change their colors as you wish, and have a 360-degree view from every angle to gain comprehensive information.

How? Here is the most innovative application of Polipa World, the 3D Studio, and its user manual.

1)Click on the 3D Studio from the top right corner area on the homepage of our website.

2)In order to use the system, you need to become a member. As Polipa, we offer our customers unlimited personalized options with free membership. Because our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

3)Once your membership process is complete, you can design as you wish with our diverse range of products in our 3D Studio. You can dress the products with the desired images and change the opacity of the products with the transparency option.

4)You can set the background using the options for dark and light scenes and have the opportunity to view labeled products in day or night mode based on their colors.

5)You can view our products in various colors using a wide color palette and explore how the combination of our products will look before starting to work with us.

6)You can apply the images available on your computer or phones separately to the lid and body parts of our products.

7)You can share the products that are completely designed by you with the person or people of your choice to gather their feedback, and you can also share them on social media using the link copying option.

As Polipa, we not only provide convenience to our customers but also offer a free 3D application platform to valuable university students interested in the industry. You can prepare your own designs and dress them on our products, and then share them with us.

For the past 30 years, we have been working for you, continuously utilizing our innovative products in the ever-changing and evolving world.


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